1. Any disruptions in the functioning of the Website, comments, or anything else related directly to the Website, can be reported by contacting the Administrator or the guardian of the Website or the Users. All the information should be sent by e-mail at contact [at] i-deal24.com
  2. All the complaints sent will be looked into on a regular basis by the Website's Administrator in no longer than 14 days since receiving the complaint report. The Website's Administrator reserves the right to refuse to take actions in response to a complaint, if it relates to a dysfunction resulting from not following the Terms of Use, not following the advice given to the user, or the information published on the Website.
  3. Each User who has purchased the access to the e-learning platform through our Website is entitled to a refund. To apply for a return of the sum invested in the product, one has to send an e-mail message at help@lingintelligence.com which will include a declaration of the desire to cancel the agreement and get the money back, as well as personal data (name and e-mail address). Within 7 days from receiving the e-mail expressing the desire to return the purchased product, the Administrator will make the decision on the particular refund, about which the User will be notified. In the return message the Administrator will include the template of a form that needs to be properly filled out and signed. The properly filled out form has to be sent at contact [at] i-deal24.com. The correctness of the filled out form will affect the final decision on the refund.
  4. A properly filled out complaint form makes the basis for return of the money paid for the access to the e-learning platform to the User's account. The complaint will be fulfilled within 30 days from the date of receiving the letter with the complaint form. The sum will only be returned in form of a bank transfer.
  5. The guarantee of refund becomes void the moment the User logs into their account on the www.lingintelligence.com platform (art.38 p. 13 of the consumer rights act).