These terms of use present the rights and obligations of all parties related to using the Website. We ask you to carefully read the content of the terms of use. Placing an order through the Website is synonymous with accepting its provisions.

    I. Definitions

  1. Administrator – The Seller or the entity they assigned.
  2. Privacy Policy – a collection of rules defining what information will be gathered about the users and how it will be used.
  3. Product – all the products or services presented on the Website that might be a subject to an order, in accordance with these Terms of Use.
  4. Refund – return of the payment made on a product, more information on that can be found in the article VI of the Terms of Use.
  5. Terms of Use – these Terms of Use in their entirety.
  6. Seller – the owner of the Website and Products made available on it, presenting an invitation to make an agreement through the Website.
  7. Website – the site on the web registered in this domain.
  8. User – a person using the Website
  9. Order – an offer of purchase of service or product, placed by an user through the Website.

    II. General Conditions of using the Website

  1. These Terms of Use are a binding version only in English.
  2. Price lists, advertisements and all the trade information available on the Website only constitute an invitation to make offers by the Users and to sign an agreement through the Website. None of the information available on the Website can be interpreted as an offer as defined by the existing laws.
  3. A product ordered by a user constitutes an offer of purchasing the Product. By placing an order, the User accepts all the provisions of the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy.
  4. A User placing an order should be over the age of 18 and have the full legal capacity. People under 18 should have a permission from their legal guardian in accordance with the ruling law in the User's place of residence.
  5. Product information and prices are up to date as of the day of their display on the Website.
  6. The entire content of the website remains the property of the Seller. The Products presented on the Website fulfill the legal requirements of the sale location. A person interested in placing an order should individually make themselves familiar with the applicable local law on purchasing Products, and feel obliged to follow it.
  7. The prices are shown in the currency defined for the particular country and include the taxes applying to the Seller's location. If taxes in the country the order was placed from are different to those, or the local law requires additional fees (tariff, excise, VAT), the User is obliged to pay them individually. The prices next to the products become binding upon placing an Order by the User. A product's price may already include the delivery cost (based on the information on the Website), but it doesn't include additional fees or taxes outside the ones applying to the seller's location. The User is obliged to charge, deduce, declare and pay all the additional taxes and fees at the corresponding tax office.
  8. The Seller reserves the right to change prices of the products, introduce new Products and remove the existing ones. They also have the right to start and cancel promotional events or to introduce changes to them without prior notice.
  9. The Seller bears no responsibility for special, indirect or derivate damages that occured during using the Products.
  10. The Seller bears no responsibility for damage resulting from improper use of the products.
  11. The Seller won't accept complaints relating to differences in appearance between the product received by the User and the ones published on the website. Pictures and images published on the website serve only as a preview.
  12. To make the process of filling the order swift, one has to provide valid data with the IT system or through online communication. Providing a valid e-mail address is necessary to verify the Order. The User may be asked to provide their phone number in order to perform an additional telephone verification.
  13. Personal data of the users provided during placing an Order is only processed within the scope necessary to fulfill the Orders, including the online and offline transaction process and the post-sale support, in accordance with the Privacy Policy.
  14. In order to protect the privacy, personal data of the Users and other people, whose statements and photos are on the Website, in accordance with the Privacy Policy.
  15. The orders that were not paid up front and contain any questionable data might be verified by the Website's staff – such Order might be cancelled.
  16. Despite the descriptions of the Products being prepared most carefully, the Seller can't rule out the possibility of errors and imperfections, which is why they can't make the basis for any claims. The information included in the Terms of Use and on the Website are sufficient to properly use the Products. The Seller is obliged to keep all the information on the Website accurate and up to date, but they can't assure that the information contained there completely exhausts the subject. The Seller reserves the right to make changes to the contents, correct them and update them at any moment. The Seller bears no responsibility in case of inaccuracies in the content of the available information.

    III. Intellectual property

  1. All the Products and other names available on the Website are only used for identifying purposes, they might be protected by copyrighted trademarks of the owners or the Seller themselves. All kinds of trademarks and names of manufacturers and companies used on the Website are property of their legal owners, and are only on the website for informational purposes.
  2. All the content published on the Website is a complete subject to copyright laws or other ownership rights.
  3. It is not allowed to use, copy the elements (especially the information on Products) and/or distribute on other websites or websites of other online sellers. It is forbidden to use the names of the Seller and the Products such as: company data, labels, pictures, product descriptions, parts of the Website for purpose other than private and non-commercial ones.

    IV. Selling the products described on the Website and filling the Orders

  1. Orders can be placed 24 hours a day, all year round.
  2. An order can be placed over the Internet or through a phone call from any place around the world. In some countries prepayment can only be made through the payment system designated on the Website.
  3. The Seller has the right to refuse to fill an Order without giving a particular reason.
  4. Orders placed on working days past 12 o'clock and on Saturdays, Sundays and on holidays will be filled on the next working day. In certain cases the time of filling an Order might be longer.
  5. The moment the Seller takes an Order, a Product sale agreement is made between the User and the Seller. The User can receive a confirmation of signing the agreement in form of an invoice sent at the e-mail address provided earlier.
  6. The Products ordered from the Seller will be delivered by a delivery company, the post office or other shipping company. The time of filling an order is around 3 working days. For reasons outside of the Seller's control, the time of filling an Order might be longer. The Seller takes no responsibility for not delivering the order by the delivery company, the post office or any other company within the specified time.
  7. The order can also be delivered to the User through Poczta Polska.
  8. The payment for the Product, depending on the selected form of payment, will be processed by a third party working on behalf of the Seller or by the delivery company or the post office (in case of products paid on delivery).
  9. If the User makes a prepayment, the Product will be sent when the Seller receives the 100% of the Order value and the costs of delivery.
  10. If the User has selected the „on delivery” payment form, they authorize the Seller to cover the costs of delivery on behalf of the User and are obliged to reimburse those costs.
  11. „Payment on delivery” – the payment form upon selecting the „pay on delivery” option. The User pays for the Order to a representative of the delivery or shipping company or the post office who delivers the order at the address earlier specified by the User. Only upon making the full payment the Products become a property of the User.
  12. The Products described on the Website are new, they are fully attested and certified, include user manuals complying with the laws corresponding to the Seller's location.
  13. The manufacturers of the products have the right to make technical changes to the presented Products without warning. The appearance of the Products i.e. colors, finishings of the Products described on the Website may differ from the actual colors and finishings of the Products. It is due to the printing and photographic technologies used, the pictures might not present the colors and shades properly.

    V. Changes to an Order

  1. If during placing an Order on a selected Product an incorent price will be placed on it by the Website's staff or due to a server error, the User will be notified and the Order will be cancelled.
  2. No later than 2 hours after placing an Order, the User may change or cancel the Order placed. To do this, one has to contact the Seller over the Internet. Otherwise the User (if they don't waive the agreement as specified in the article VII) might be charged with the costs of Order and delivery (article IV paragraph 10)

    VI. Waiver of agreement.

  1. Due to the fact that the agreement between the User and the Seller is made remotely, the User has the right to waive the agreement without giving a reason within 14 days from the day when the Order was confirmed.
  2. Waiver of the agreement must be preceded with a written statement (the template is available below or included with the Product delivered to the User). The statement must include the bank account of the User who made the payment for the Product. Telephone contact and sending the statement must take place within 14 days (as mentioned in the article VI paragraph 1.)
  3. If the User waives the agreement, they are obliged to immediately (no later than 14 days from the day of the waiver) return the delivered Order to the address specified by the Seller.
  4. If the User doesn't receive the ordered Products that they paid for beforehand, the Seller might contact the User in order to send the delivery again. In the event that the 14 day period (article VI paragraph 1) is maintained, the User has the right to waive the agreement as specifed in this paragraph. If despite making an Order paid on delivery the User doesn't take the ordered Products, they will be charged with the costs of delivery and packaging.
  5. The Seller has the right to waive the agreement if at the time of filling the Order the Product is no longer in stock. The User will be notified of the situation and won't be charged.

    VII. Additional information

  1. Online Store is not liable for the lack of refund or delay in returning product, if they result from the Customer providing invalid personal or address data or an incorrect bank account number.
  2. In the event of improper use of any of the offered Products or in the event of using it contrary to the suggested use as described on the Product's packaging and/or in the paper included, the Seller will take no responsibility for the consequences of such use.
  3. If there's a desire to obtain additional information on the Products available on the Website, the Contact section is at your disposal. If there's a desire to obtain direct information, a telephone contact is available at the number provided on the Website or mail contact through the form at the Website. For calling the number provided on the Website the User will be charged according to the operator's fee.

    VIII. Final provisions

  1. All the disputes and inaccuracies will be dealt with through negotiation first, in attempt to settle the dispute amicably.
  2. In the event of failure to reach an amicable settlement, the court competent to settle the dispute related to using the Website, the Products described, purchasing Products from the Seller or interpreting these Terms of Use will be the Court competent to the defendant's jurisdiction.
  3. The website's Administrator reserves the right to make changes to the Terms of Use by publishing a new version of the terms of use on the Website. The changes will be visible to everyone placing an order online and will be binding for the orders placed after they were introduced.